Destiny Research Center

About Us

Destiny Research Center is an organization where different clinical trials are conducted in search of medical advancements.

Patient-Centered Care 

Our center provides participants with access to cutting-edge therapies that adhere to the highest standards.

Our staff is composed of physicians, nurses, and other professionals who put participants at the center, treating them with the respect that they deserve.

“We are constantly searching for new ways to improve humanity’s quality of life.”

In Search of a Better Future

We are committed to enhancing health by actively researching new drugs and treatment options that may help many individuals who suffer from various diseases have a better quality of life.

Thus, individual and public health will be considerably improved by the advancements in diagnosis and treatment for different health conditions.

What Our Patients Say


Destiny's team goes above and beyond what is expected.  I got great care and attention from everyone.


Great professionals, they care for their patients, so attentive.


I think more people should know how important a clinical trial is for everyone and how convenient it is for oneself. 

How is the process of a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are conducted in phases:

Phase I

The drug or treatment is tested on a small group of people for the first time in order to find out if it is safe and well tolerated. 

Phase II

Once the drug has been successfully trialed in the phase I, it is tested again on a larger group of people to assess its effectiveness and further evaluate its safety.

Phase III

If the Phase II shows that the benefits of the drug or treatment outweigh the side effects, it is then tested in a Phase III trial. Now the drug is given to many participants to confirm its effectiveness and safety, and monitor side effects.

Phase IV

After the drug is approved by the FDA, researchers assess its safety in the general population, and collect additional information such as its risks and benefits. 

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