Our facility is equipped with the following:


Our facility is located at 9725 SW 184 St., Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157. It is 19 miles from Miami International Airport, less than 3 miles away from Jackson Health System’s South, and 7 miles from Baptist Hospital and urgent cares along with numerous specialists within the area.

With 1750 plus squared feet, our Research Site facility is able to house up to 2 beds dedicated for conducting Phase I studies. The climate-controlled suite has a secured dedicated pharmacy, laboratory, isolation room, physical exam room, a diagnostic and testing area, men’s and women’s bathrooms, patient recreation area, CRA office, conference room, record storage room, kitchen and dining area all with 24 hour surveillance. The space has the capacity to run trials of different indications from Phase I to Phase III simultaneously.


  • 1 minus -70ºC freezer
  • 1 minus -20ºC freezer
  • 2 refrigerators 2ºC to 8ºC
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • ECG Machine
  • Infusions pumps
  • Digital thermometer with temperature-buffered sensor and Ultra-Low-Temp Excursion-Trac Data Loggers 
  • Backup Generator

What Our Patients Say


Destiny's team goes above and beyond what is expected.  I got great care and attention from everyone.


Great professionals, they care for their patients, so attentive.


I think more people should know how important a clinical trial is for everyone and how convenient it is for oneself. 

How is the process of a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are conducted in phases:

Phase I

The drug or treatment is tested on a small group of people for the first time in order to find out if it is safe and well tolerated. 

Phase II

Once the drug has been successfully trialed in the phase I, it is tested again on a larger group of people to assess its effectiveness and further evaluate its safety.

Phase III

If the Phase II shows that the benefits of the drug or treatment outweigh the side effects, it is then tested in a Phase III trial. Now the drug is given to many participants to confirm its effectiveness and safety, and monitor side effects.

Phase IV

After the drug is approved by the FDA, researchers assess its safety in the general population, and collect additional information such as its risks and benefits. 

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